Choose luxury vinyl flooring for your home

Luxury vinyl flooring could be a great choice if you need excellent variety. You'll find extensive benefits that range from visuals to performance and everything between. Depending on your chosen features, you may also see a superior lifespan.

This flooring line is an excellent choice for all homeowners. But it's especially beneficial to those looking for an affordable option. If you need more information, take some time to learn more about them.

Choose beauty in luxury vinyl flooring

These floors mimic all-natural materials like porcelain tile, natural stone, and solid hardwood. You'll see impressive colors, textures, and formats in LVP and LVT flooring that add even more realism. No matter which looks you choose, you'll have many options to customize your look. If you're looking for something interesting, consider available trends. These range from neutral to bold and give impressive visuals for every room. It's a great way to match your decor or create a brand-new look.

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Durability is paramount in flooring

Daily wear can take a toll on your flooring, so choosing a durable material is essential. The layered construction of vinyl plank flooring helps them stand the test of time. And they'll do so with scratch, stain, and dent resistance, in every space. Complete waterproof protection is also a popular benefit. Luxury vinyl flooring resists moisture, dampness, humidity, and more. Even in flood conditions, they remain unharmed, so daily wear and accidents are no issue.

Ease of installation makes them even better

These floors offer impressive installation options, especially if you choose the floating floor. These pieces snap together and click into place for quick service. You'll be walking on your new luxury vinyl flooring in a single day or less in most cases.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Santa Fe, NM from The Carpetman

We have the LVP and LVT flooring choices you need

When you're ready to choose the perfect floor covering, choose The Carpetman. You'll find impressive materials, personalized service, and competitive prices, all at once. And our associates focus on complete customer satisfaction.

Our years of experience will work wonders for your flooring needs. And our installation teams offer specialized results. There's only one way to get the best service for your flooring, and that's to visit us.

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