What's trending in laminate flooring today?

What's trending in laminate flooring today?

When you choose laminate flooring for your home, you're sure to want the best look. The materials mimic natural stone and solid hardwood, with beautiful details.

But it could be trending features that will serve your household's needs best. Here are a few of the current trends for your consideration.

Textured finishes could serve your home the best

Textured finishes are trendy and include hand-scraped, distressed, and Embossed in Register. Textures are a perfect way to create a more realistic natural look.

But textures can also protect you from signs of daily wear, including light scratches. They can also help your laminate flooring last longer for lifespans of up to 20 years or more.

Trending colors can leave a mark

Specific trending colors can serve your home as well. For example, whitewash wood is one of the most popular laminate trends for farmhouse and rustic looks.

But you'll also want to consider what gray, high-variation, and light wood stains can do for you. They all offer a neutral surface with enough color to not overwhelm the space.

Laminate flooring trends in installation layouts

Chevron and vast plank installations are all the rage, with impressive results. In specific spaces, laminate wood flooring will react in certain ways, giving you exceptional visual appeal.

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